About Us

Welcome to  Vitamix Smoothies™   – a place where you’ll discover delicious healthy recipes, science-backed tips for a healthy life and even for weight loss + some workouts.

My name is ilya and I created this blog.
I did, because I believe we all need a little break from making ourselves crazy trying to maintain a healthy life or to lose weight. Living a healthy life is super simple when you stick to the basics.


Originally I started  Vitamix Smoothies™  as a food blog, where I shared tasty healthy recipes I made at home. Then I turned 31 and for no obvious reason, I was gaining weight like there’s no tomorrow. 10kg (20pounds) in less than a year. Which to me is a lot.

After I celebrated a few self-pity parties on my own at home, I realized that this is stupid and I needed to stop being negative and instead just make some changes. I have a family history of cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, so it was time for me to take this seriously.

You’ll notice a lot of times I mention some research articles. I love science and if you’re wondering about my education – I’m a biochemist, so to me it’s important to have at least some proof behind what I’m saying. That’s why even if I write an article about weight loss, or vegetables, I don’t just come up with the reasoning in my mind – I do a TON of research.

As always – turns out researching is not the tough part. The tough part is actually doing what I know I need to do. Like seriously, how hard is it to give up coffee? Turns out – very. But I’m working on it.
Other than complaining I also like to exercise (it has to be something fun and fast-moving), to watch movies that are funny, to travel, to explore, to eat and to hang out with people who don’t take themselves too seriously.